Environmental Management Policy



Environmental Management Policy 

We understand our responsibility as stewards of our planet and therefore strive to ensure we are protecting and enhancing our environment for many generations to come

 Faithlegg ESG Dashboard

We at Faithlegg are committed to taking action as outlined below:

  • To achieve sound and sustainable environmental practices throughout our hotel
  • To produce an Environmental Plan which outlines our objectives, targets and planned actions for that year. This will be reviewed and published annually. 
  • To adhere to and comply with all relevant legislation
  • To minimise waste and water consumption levels where possible
  • To facilitate for and encourage our customers, suppliers and contractors participation in our efforts
  • To ensure adequate training is provided for each employee to meet our objectives
  • To openly communicate our policies and practices to interested parties
  • To continuously monitor and record our environmental impacts and compare our performance against the targets and objectives we have outlined and set for ourselves within our annual policy
  • To review our equipment regularly and upgrade to more efficient and environmentally friendly options if necessary
  • To continue to ensure our menu provenance meets our ethos of sourcing locally where possible 


Our efforts towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable hotel to date include:


We have been completing a move to paperless guest directories and room service menus, instead displaying all the required information on Smart televisions in the rooms. 

Each room contains both a general waste bin and a recycling bin as well as stickers outlining our towel replacement policy to encourage guests to take part in our efforts.

We have replaced our water bottles with fully recyclable Tetra Pak cartons and installing dispensers for hygiene products to minimse single use plastics


Waste Management 

There is a full range of recycling bins installed both front of house, back of house and in the kitchen along with strict usage instructions and rigorous staff training to minimse contamination.

There are separate colour coded bins in the yard for general waste, recycling, glass, food waste, baled cardboard and used cooking oil to ensure correct separation and disposal of waste responsibly. 

We are eliminating single use plastics accross the hotel with tetra pak water containers and hygiene product dispensers replacing plastic bottles, compostable straws in use in the bars and compostable takeaway containers for coffees and food products.

 Energy Usage 

All existing halogen and incandescent lightbulbs are being retrofitted to LED which will result in a significasnt decrease in KWHs per year


Green memberships / Awards

Members of Repak

Members of Green Tourism https://www.green-tourism.com/pages/home



EV Chargers

We have 4 EV charging points situated in the car park of the hotel complimentary for our guests with electric vehicles


Hybrid Courtesy Car

We have a hybrid courtesy car which we are proud to say results in far less environmental pollution 


Our dedicated Green Champion oversees the above and ensures we are all striving toward reaching our environmental goals 

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